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Well I finally got a scanner so now I can start uploading pictures to Newgrounds Art Portal (fingers crossed) I Plan to upload my debut picture on September 22, 2011. Reason being is 3 years ago that day I drew Miyu, my first picture after years of practice I feel confident in my art (Way better than 3 years ago based on the picture below of the before and after XD) I would like to extened my grattitude to insane-angel for setting up his tutorials and giving me positive feedback for me to improve on. (Kudos to ya.) Look for this and more in the month to follow.

Well that only took forever.


2009-10-14 21:44:32 by MetalDragoon

It's been a long time since i been here, and now things seem to be better than ever with the Art Portal here...hopefully I can start uploading stuff here but unfortunatly I have no scanner and I'm not that good on a computer, drawing wise. So until I get a scanner here is a preview of one drawing i just got done with. I would upload them like this but it has awful quality so yeah.


A Message

2009-01-21 22:11:34 by MetalDragoon

This here is a message to all who spam Newgrounds; the ff, fff,- all of them. This is for you... Xnickk DbDQ&feature=related
No matter how many times you come... he he he he he he he...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... You will all be beaten.

Seriously What the heck! I've Lost It!

2008-11-17 18:44:13 by MetalDragoon

I have officially lost it and the video here will show how I now feel about blamming *Note* the main reason of the video is to show that I have become a blammer (animal in the vid.) Also if you didn't know (you should, it's pretty freakin well known) the anime is Bleach. >:( gMHw

It's been a while.

2008-10-25 19:23:25 by MetalDragoon

So far newgrounds has a lot more to offer than it ever had before. So, I been watching, voteing, and listening, and I like what I've seen and heard (mostly). Hopefully more of teh good stuff will come.

I am MetalDragoon

2008-09-26 19:53:39 by MetalDragoon

I have been a fan of Newgrounds for three years, but as you can tell I just recently joined, aw well whatever.